How should I prepare for my spa treatment?
To get the most from a spa experience, please arrive 10 minutes before your treatment.

We recommend not having a heavy meal prior to your spa treatments. However, if you are hungry, it's better to have a small snack so that you are not distracted by a growling stomach during your treatment.

What should I wear?
Disposable Garments, Sarong, and Bathrobe are provided for your convenience at the spa. Since we encourage you to let the aroma oils soak into your skin for a few hours after the massage, we recommend not wearing expensive clothing that could be stained by the oil.

What should I bring to the massage treatment?

We recommend leaving valuables at home. Lockers are provided, however we regret that we cannot be responsible for loss or damage of personal articles.

How do I purchase a spa gift certificate?

Perfect for treating a loved one, or just to say thank you, our range of spa services cater for every pampering experience. For more information, please  us at Bangkok branch , Pattaya branch