When early humans felt sick, they instinctively stopped eating in order to give their bodies a chance to cleanse and heal. Animals have this same instinct. Historically, doctors have prescribed cleansing to prevent and treat illness. And in most religions -- from Judaism to Christianity -- periodic fasting enabled followers to keep their “temples” clean. Philosophers from Plato to the Eastern yogis used internal cleansing to keep their minds sharp and theirspirits attuned to the universe. Today, cleansing is still extremely popular in Europe, especially in Sweden, where spas and clinics abound. Thailand has seen a surge of new spas that are mostly catering to outer beauty. Rasayana Retreat is Thailand’s pioneer center where we care for inner health that reflects your outer beauty.

You already know how to cleanse: your body undergoes a mini-fast every night as you sleep. That’s where the word “breakfast” comes from! Your first stop in the morning is usually the bathroom to shed toxins and wastes from the previous day. Your body has perfected its own internal cleansing system, and it continuously detoxifies through the colon, the lungs, the skin, the liver, and the kidneys.


Over the last 50 years, our diets, lifestyles, and environment have changed dramatically, placing a huge burden on our eliminative systems. Diets centered on refined foods, meat, and dairy products have left our colons clogged and often unable to self-cleanse. Most of us walk around with toxins circulating in our blood streams at all times. No wonder we feel tired, sick, overweight, and generally uninspired! Greater stresses, rushed lifestyles, and lack of exercise have also taken their toll. And every day, our polluted planet bombards us with more pesticides, pollutants, and toxic waste than our livers can neutralize.


















When whole foods like wheat are refined, they are stripped of nutrients that aid digestion, and of fiber that helps sweep food through the colon. Foods like white bread and pasta tend to stick and putrefy in the folds and pockets of the intestines. When your colon isn’t eliminating wastes properly, toxins are reabsorbed into the blood, poisoning the entire system and weakening your other eliminative organs. Meat and dairy products are also fiberless, “sticky” foods that gradually build up in layers on the colon walls. These extremely acid-producing foods change your lymph fluid from clear and watery to thick mucus, rendering it unable to carry as many toxins out of your body.

"The average person uses only 10 percent of the nutrients in their food"

We rely on the villi -- little hair-like projections in our colons -- to absorb nutrients and carry them into the blood. When the colon walls are encrusted with stagnant waste, the villi can’t do their job. As the physician Deschauer noted centuries ago, “We live not by what we eat, but by what we digest,absorb, and assimilate.” Even the healthiest organic diet won’t keep you vital and healthy if you’re not absorbing it! After cleansing, many people find that they can eat one-third to one-half the amount of food as before, yet feel more energized because of better absorption and assimilation.

We are all backed up: laxatives top all other over-the-counter remedies in U.K sales. What are normal bowel habits? Optimally, you want to eliminate wastes as often as you take in food (2-3 times per day). Observe a baby’s habits: you’ll see that he or she eliminates immediately after eating! When you do not, your colon becomes so layered with old wastes over time that it cannot maintain its natural peristaltic, or wave-like, motion that carries waste from your body. Laxatives may force your bowels to eliminate the meal you just ate, but what of all the ancient meals still encrusted on your colon walls?If you rely on laxatives to create your “waves,” eventually you’ll develop permanently lax muscles in your colon. Cleansing gets to the root of the problem by clearing out the old layers of wastes and unfreezing the peristaltic muscles so you can once again “self-cleanse” as nature intended.

Pollution means a toxic “inner environment”

Since World War II, the amount of pesticides, pollutants, and toxic waste in our environment has increased dramatically. Your liver can only detoxify so many of these poisons before it becomes overloaded and weak. In some cases, the liver stops functioning altogether, leading to serious diseases like jaundice. A weakened liver also keeps toxins circulating through your blood longer, making it difficult for your body to detoxify its cells and to create new ones. Aging is partly an accumulation of toxins in the cells; these toxins gradually slow down cell regeneration and increase cell breakdown.

Most illnesses and diseases are caused by unhealthy colons.

Colds, influenza, cancer, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and allergies are all examples of “congestive” diseases, that is, diseases caused by excessive amounts of poor-quality food combined with bad elimination. When you’re not eliminating properly, food may stay in your colon for days, weeks, months, even years, putrefying and then poisoning your entire system. Ninety-nine percent of the time, a disease’s seriousness corresponds directly to the level of toxicity. The increase of foodborne and waterborne intestinal parasite infections may be responsible for many illnesses, including recurrent stomach flu and chronic fatigue. As many as one in six people have intestinal parasites.

"Clean body means clear thinking"

We can’t expect to have sharp minds and luminous spirits when our bodies are polluted. Many people report more clarity, greater alertness, overwhelming joy, incredible insight, and even better sex after cleansing or fasting! When you detoxify, you not only cleanse the body but also the spirit and the mind. Although detoxification is thought of as a physical process, purification is linked with nearly every spiritual tradition.

Once you decide to detoxify you are unconsciously telling yourself it is time to clear out the debris: emotional, spiritual, mental and physical. While you are detoxifying, you begin to re-evaluate your life. Patterns, habits, and people that do not benefit your well being are scrutinized and evaluated. Decisions are made with clarity and a new lifestyle begins. It is often a time of abundant energy and creativity. You really take note of yourself with a new appreciation and confidence. It takes will power to complete a cleanse. A new love affair with the self begins and the body has a new respect. Many people experience the deep spiritual element where they become more sensitive to their energy centers and senses: a journey beyond the physical temple to new awareness.


The goal of the cleansing diet is to lighten your digestive system’s load and to alkalize your body by cutting out acid-forming foods, balancing your body’s pH. A cleansing diet helps to accelerate elimination from your entire system. 

For encouragement, recruit a “cleansing buddy” or let the staff at Rasayana Retreat be your guides. 

Set aside some time, perhaps take time off from work, and prepare for a wonderful lightness of being. 

Deep internal cleansing can not be accomplished in a few days or a week. Your increased elimination will give you relief, but removing the tenacious waste deposits that have accumulated over the years needs time and discipline. It took years for your body to accumulate toxins and investing your time and energy into the healing process is well worth the effort. 

Deep cleansing is best done more slowly over a month. We recommend starting out with our gentle phase cleanse for one week.

We recommend continuing for more weeks if you feel that the cleanse is benefiting. The cleanse should be repeated every few months until you feel really clean and ensured that parasites and eggs are completely removed. Proper cleansing helps bring the body into balance by ridding itself of mucoid debris, toxins, and parasites. Intestinal cleansing with herbs, plants, and fresh vegetables and fruits offers a wonderful opportunity to restore our bowels to a state of optimal health.

Raw vegetables and fruits (fresh and organic, if possible) are the foods that help best accomplish this house cleaning. Raw and uncooked vegetarian foods nourish, cleanse, and alkalize the body through the combined action of bio-energetic properties and natural, easily digestible nutritional components like vitamins, minerals, amino acids (proteins in a digestible form), liquids, complex carbohydrates, fiber, oxygen, and enzymes. Heating foods above 118 degrees Fahrenheit destroys the enzymes. 

Visit our Rasayana Raw Food Cafe for a gourmet treat in raw food.