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Line ID: @rasayanaretreat

Tel: 026624803

“ Let Food be your Medicines “

Please browse through our raw cafe menus for takeaway or delivery, we made everything fresh, raw vegan Rawfood & Raw desserts. If you have any special preferences or request, pls let us know in advance and we’ll try our best to accommodate your needs.



Rasayana is an ancient Sanskrit term meaning “ Rejuvenation.” 

Rasayana Retreat is a holistic health center specializing in rejuvenation with deep cleansing and weight loss programs, colon hydrotherapy, herbal bowel cleansing, raw living food cuisine, yoga, pilates, far-infrared sauna, aromatherapy and a unique selection of therapeutic massages.

Visit our two beautiful and convenient locations. One is located in an oasis of green in the heart of Bangkok, off of Soi Prom-mitr Sukhumvit39, just 10 minutes from the Phrom Pong BTS Sky train station.

We also offer residential Cleansing and Weight Loss programs at our luxurious 4 Star Hotel location in North Pattaya, conveniently located 60 minutes by car from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport, a few minutes from the blue waters of the Gulf of Siam and 1 km from the festive Pattaya town centre.


Modern lifestyles, combined with the effects of pollution and the consumption of inorganic materials, have driven us far from optimum health

Many have put responsibility for healthfulness in the hands of medical professionals, whom we expect to treat the consequences of our indulgent habits, without regard for  the effect that our ongoing lifestyle choices have on our body’s ability to heal and overcome uncomfortable symptoms and disease

At Rasayana Retreat, our approach is to return positivity to both the mind and the body. When you choose to detoxify you are telling yourself that it is time to clear out the debris: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. Our cleansing programs are designed to support you with this process. Our clients uncover a clearer, lighter, more energetic way of being in the world, and many also seek to educate themselves by taking workshops and classes, so that conscious healthful choices can become an integral part of long-term healthful living. 

There are many reasons that motivate clients to start the Rasayana Cleansing Programs, ranging from losing weight, feeling tired or sluggish and more prone to illness, wishing to combat the influences of stress and to keep ahead of the toxins that enter our bodies through living in the modern world with its barrage of chemicals and pollutants in air, food and water. There are also some who wish to include the   Rasayana Cleansing Programs as part of a total program to combat chronic disease. Whatever your reason for choosing to undertake a cleansing experience at Rasayana Retreat, we wish you well and are here to support you on your journey.

57 Soi Prom-mitr , Sukhumvit 39,

 Klongton-nua, Wattana,

 Bangkok 10110